Dastardly Denim: It’s a Love-Hate Thing

January 24, 2012 4 Comments by lindenwilcock

In case you were wondering how I’m feeling in my new jeans today, I’ve invited Cosmo Kramer to lend some insight:


Luckily, there are benefits to putting up with a week or two of discomfort beyond simply emulating your favourite Seinfeld character’s plight.  Raw denim hardships soon pave the way for jeans that are formed to your body, show natural signs of wear, and get better with time.  If you can handle not washing your jeans beyond the suggested six months, you’ll be reaping the benefits of a labour of love while showing a reluctance to ever take them off.  Below are two different pairs of mine.  The first pair is just a few weeks old while the second is a year and a half old and still hasn’t been washed (thanks to strategic freezer placement and minor spot-washing).



Here are some designers who are, in my opinion, doing it right.  Check ‘em out!


Nudie Jeans

Naked and Famous

Raleigh Denim Workshop


  1. JD
    3 years ago

    Nice blog Linden! I’m a big fan of Scotch & Soda denim… they are all I go with these days


    • lindenwilcock
      3 years ago

      Thanks man! I’m a big S&S fan too but haven’t tried any of their denim…aside from a denim shirt. I’ll check it out.


  2. Johnny
    4 years ago

    Try out a pair of A.P.C.’s next, you’ll love them.


    • Linden Wilcock
      4 years ago

      Done and done! You and Larry were the first to introduce me to A.P.C.. Good taste.


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